9 Exceptional Volleyball Drills to Skyrocket Your Serving Accuracy

9 Exceptional Volleyball Drills to Skyrocket Your Serving Accuracy

9 Exceptional Volleyball Drills to Skyrocket Your Serving Accuracy

Volleyball is a dynamic and engaging sport that requires a blend of power, precision, and teamwork. Among the many essential skills, serving accuracy is crucial for a team's success on the court. If you're looking to improve your serving accuracy, you're in the right place! In this blog post, we'll explore 10 volleyball drills designed to help you achieve serving mastery. Incorporate these exercises into your practice routine, and watch your serving accuracy soar to new heights.

  1. Target Practice

One of the simplest yet most effective drills for improving serving accuracy is target practice. Place targets at strategic locations on the court, such as near the corners or along the sidelines. Aim to hit these targets consistently while serving. You can use cones, towels, or even plastic bottles as targets – get creative!

  1. The Toss and Serve Drill

The toss and serve drill focuses on perfecting your toss, which is the foundation of an accurate serve. Start by standing on the end line and tossing the ball into the air without hitting it. The goal is to have the ball land back in your hand, ensuring a consistent toss. Once you've perfected the toss, incorporate the serve and aim for the target.

  1. The Deep Serve Drill

This drill focuses on serving accuracy from the back of the court. Stand at the end line and serve the ball so that it lands between the 10-foot line and the opponent's end line. To make the drill more challenging, place targets in specific zones and aim to hit them consistently.

  1. The Short Serve Drill

The short serve drill helps players develop the ability to serve accurately in the front part of the court. Stand at the end line and serve the ball so that it lands between the net and the 10-foot line. This drill is particularly useful for mastering the floating serve, which can be difficult for opponents to receive.

  1. Serve Around the World

Serve around the world is a fun drill that challenges players to serve accurately from various positions on the court. Start at one corner of the end line and work your way around the court, serving from different angles and aiming for different targets. This drill helps players adapt to different serving situations and improves overall accuracy.

  1. The Partner Feedback Drill

This drill requires two players and focuses on providing immediate feedback on serving accuracy. One player serves while the other stands on the opposite side of the court, acting as a target. The receiving player provides feedback on the accuracy of the serve, helping the server make necessary adjustments for improvement.

  1. The Three-Target Drill

The three-target drill involves setting up three targets on the opposite side of the court – one near the sideline, one in the middle, and one near the opposite sideline. The server must aim to hit each target in succession, developing accuracy and control.

  1. The Run and Serve Drill

The run and serve drill adds a cardio element to serving practice, simulating the fatigue experienced during a game. Set up a starting point about 10 feet behind the end line. Sprint to the end line, execute a serve, and then return to the starting point. Repeat this process for a set number of serves, focusing on maintaining accuracy despite fatigue.

  1. The Pressure Serve Drill

This drill simulates pressure situations in a game, such as serving during a critical point or after a timeout. The server must execute a set number of accurate serves in a row, with the pressure increasing as they progress. If the server misses a target, they must start over, helping them develop mental resilience and consistency under pressure.


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