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We are excited to share our work and passion with the volleyball community by providing an app that is going to revolutionize the game.

Avais team photo. Titus Petersen, Nik Noonan, Caleb Mcfall

Avais Started

We are so happy to provide our technology to help athletes and coaches.


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We are continuously growing as we build the BETA version.


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Small team but with big dreams and dedication to make a difference.

The Story and Mission Behind Our Company

Avais was founded by Titus Petersen after watching and attending his younger sister play beach volleyball all around the nation. Titus later noticed that her coach was only able to watch a quarter of her game because they needed to attend other matches. Titus also noticed that there was no good product in volleyball analytics as most companies requires additional camera equipment thats expensive and most clubs can't get their hands on. Titus saw a big problem with this so then worked on making an app that everyone could use from their power of their phones, which is what Avais is today. Titus still is working on this as a college student at Grand Canyon University and was able to have fellow friends hop on the project to make more of a reality. Our mission is to provide volleyball athletes and coaches with the most advanced and innovative technology to help them reach their full potential. "At Avais, we believe that current technology for the volleyball industry isn't met with the coach's and athletes' needs. Our team is on a mission to help provide a new tool for athletes to reach their potential and for coaches to have more knowledge on how their teams perform."
- Titus Petersen, CEO & Founder

photo of Titus Petersen
Titus Petersen pitching at the GCU idea club

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Meet the team that is dedicated to making an impact to the volleyball community with advanced technology.

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