Revolutionize Your Game with Avais

Avais is an app that tracks and analyzes a volleyball match in real-time using its built-in camera. Avais analyzes each play and utilizes AI to become your personal coach.

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What Makes Avais Different From Any Other Volleyball App?

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AI Personalized Coaching

Avais is developing an AI system that is built just to analyze your game to help become your own coaching assistant suggesting drills to improve your game.

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Automatically Creates Highlight Clips

Avais will automatically create a highlight clip after every game so that you don't need to spend hours doing so.

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Compete With Your Friends and Family

Avais allows you to compete with friends and family so that you can have a fun time improving your game.

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Easily Get Scouted

Avais makes it very easy to become scouted on the app. No need to contact and upload clips because we've got that all covered.

Become the Best Athlete You Can be From Your Phone

Transform yourself into the best athlete you can be from the convenience of your own phone. Unlock your full athletic potential with our cutting-edge mobile app.

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Strive for Success

Avais will push you to your goals and guide you on how to achieve them.

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Focuses on Growth

Unlike other programs, Avais focuses on growth and progress for athletes.

Analyze Every Play, Learn Every Play

Coach wasn't watching your game? No worries, Avais has you covered. Avais coaches on where to improve after every play.

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Professional Coaching Each Play

Avais is trained by the world's best volleyball athletes, ensuring confidence in each play.

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Don't Waste Time Watching Film

Avais automatically breaks down each active play, saving you time from watching unproductive plays.

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Start Tracking and Analyzing instantly

Setup takes less than a minute and is very easy and straight forward to setup. No need to setup multiple camera around the court because all you need is your phone.

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And Analyze Your Game!